In the Museum's collection, we can find more than 2,300 mechanical pieces, dating from 1630 to the present day: pocket watches, wrist watches, table clocks, among others. One of the exhibition rooms is dedicated to the clock of national origin, where thematic exhibitions take place temporarily.

Located in the Monastery of Mosteirinho in SERPA (100 km south of Évora), a Manueline construction from the 16th century, the Museum occupies ten brick floor rooms (the famous Alentejo floor - tijoleira) in contrast to the white walls and vaulted ceilings.

The Museum also features a small garden, a bar and a library with more than 600 thematic books.

ÉVORA Branch

In Évora - a World Heritage Site by UNESCO - the collection is housed in the MUSEU DO RELOGIO - PÓLO DE ÉVORA, set in the noble Barrocal Palace, right next to the famous Giraldo Square

These are some of the reasons both spaces worth a visit.

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